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I have a background in track and field, but I began to pursue strength training when I was 18 and continued for about a year or so. While strength training, I was able to hit a 505lb squat, 505lb deadlift, and 415lb bench while weighing around 285-295lb. A hip injury unfortunately put a hiccup in my strength progress, so there I was, 19 years old, sitting at an unhealthy bodyweight of 315lb. I made a very conscious decision and a promise to myself to lose weight (since I wasn’t able to lift heavy at the time due to the injury). I cut down from to 180lb in less than a half year

I believe strength and speed are both skills that can be worked on, and most people can do amazing things that they never thought possible. My goal is to coach at the highest level one day. I’ve been a Weightlifting coach since 2016 and started the Deepstrength team back in 2017 I have coached multiple athletes up to the Junior/Senior Provincial, Junior/Senior National level, and currently one at the international level. Here’s one quote I’ll leave you with that will give you an insight on myself, “Difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter.” – Dan Reeves



  • NCCP Level 1 Track & Field Trained
  • NCCP Level 1 Weightlifting Trained
  • 9 Years Experience

Athletic Achievements:


Mandeep head coach at united barbell club

Fun Facts:

  • I competed with the Kajacks Track and Field Club throughout my teenage years
  • I lost 135lb of bodyweight when I was 19 years old (315lb to 180lb)
  • The most recent sport I’ve been pursuing is Weightlifting
  • I am currently very focused on learning what it takes to build the best power, Track & field, and Weightlifting athletes.
  • Black Coffee is the only way.
  • I like to play Volleyball and racket sports during my spare time.
  • I’m a very goofy guy but upon first impression everyone thinks I’m intimidating and serious.
  • I wear pretty much the same clothes all year round, regardless of season/temperature
  • I might lose 100 times at a game and then proceed to enter the 101st game with no loss of enthusiasm.

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