Group Classes

At United Barbell Club our mission is to make strength training accessible to everyone. Our workouts are designed to help you get strong, burn fat and improve your overall fitness level in a small group format led by a certified strength and conditioning coach. Our goal is to teach you proper form and technique so you can not only build strength but feel confident training with a barbell inside and outside of the gym.
Our classes are pre formatted each week with a focus on a main compound movement each day like the back squat, deadlift or bench press followed by accessory movements, mobility, core, plyometrics and conditioning.

Unlike other circuit training and crossfit gyms, our workouts are individualized to your unique level and ability and are periodized overtime to guarantee an increase and improvement in your overall strength and performance.

And because our classes are limited to 8 people per session, you will always have a coach in your corner to ensure 1; you are lifting safely and 2; that you feel comfortable to step outside your comfort zone to discover how strong you can be.

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