Helping People Perform Better In The Gym So They Can Perform Better Outside The Gym.

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Find Your Greatness

Richmond’s Premier Strength + Conditioning Club

We believe in


The ability to exert oneself independently and have control over one’s actions.


A clear and ongoing path of progress that can be traced back to one’s efforts.


Being part of a community, lineage or tradition that is working toward similar goals.

What we do


At United Barbell Club our mission is to make strength training accessible to everyone. Our workouts are designed to help you get strong, burn fat and improve your overall fitness level. Whether you are looking for personal training, small group or high performance training we’ve got you covered.


Greatness not only starts in the gym, but at home in your kitchen. To feel and perform at your best, we believe in the power of nutrition. From fuelling to recovery, and everything in between, our certified Nutrition Coaches are here to help you achieve your sports performance and aesthetic goals.


At United Barbell Club we believe in optimising your strength while promoting proper recovery. With an in house physiotherapy team, we are here for all your mobility, strength and rehabilitative needs, so you can continue to perform at your best.

About us

There is no finish line.

At United Barbell Club we see training as more than just a means to an end, but a desire to be all we can be.

For us weightlifting is a transformative practice, driven from breaking boundaries, pushing limits and achieving what you once thought you couldn’t. More than just about achieving a specific result, The true joy of weightlifting lives in the process, in the journey through hard earned calluses and growth.

So when you hit a personal best not only will you savour the moment, but you’ll be excited to come back to the same movements, the same barbells and the same community for your next workout – to see how much more you are capable of.